Lusitano Horse

João Lynce works exclusively with Pure Blood Lusitano horses.

The Lusitano is the oldest saddle-horse in the world, being ridden for more than 5.000 years and having international recognition for more than 2.000 years, when Greeks and Romans considered it the best saddle-horse in Antiquity.

It is a “hot blooded” horse, like the Arab and the English Thoroughbred, being the result of a selection process that took thousands of years and guarantees a greater degree of “empathy” with the rider than any other modern breed.

Due to its characteristics, rare qualities and genetic antiquity, the Pure Blood Lusitano is a horse in great demand for both leisure and sport riding, as well as for breeding.

This breed, selected for hunting and warfare, has been maturing qualities throughout centuries, and today the Lusitano is a very versatile horse whose docility, agility and courage allow it to participate in almost all equestrian disciplines and compete with the best specialists.

The Lusitano breed can be considered rare since there are only about 5.000 females in the world. In Portugal, the cradle of the breed, there are more than 2.500 reproducing mares, and the rest are spread around the world, especially in Brazil, France, Mexico, England, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Canada and USA. The Lusitano breed is growing, particularly in Europe and Brazil, where the progression in terms of quantity and quality has been remarkable, with improvements in the general quality of production, which contributes to the progress and vitality of the breed.

The Pure Blood Lusitano in the 21st century will continue to be the perfect choice for equestrian art and bullfighting. Besides being a very pleasant horse to ride, it will continue to surprise us with its natural aptitude for show jumping, working equitation, hitching, and dressage.

My Lusitano Horse

Being a lover of the Pure Blood Lusitano horse and its differentiating characteristics, João Lynce has been interested in Lusitano horse breeding and its refinement since a very young age.

From 1992 to 2003 he had the opportunity to collaborate in the development of this type of work as the person in charge of the Calheiros Ferreira Stud Farm. And from 2003 on, with animals from this stud farm, he started his own stud farm, even though the first Lusitano mares he acquired dates back to 1986.

So, João Pereira Lynce stud farm started with Quina blood mares and “Firme” grand mares.

Currently all the animals in the stud farm are descendants of these mares with the stallions Zique, Urque, Ribatejo, Coral, Novilheiro, Opus, Trinco, Nilo, Perito and Paco, Hebraico, Napoleónico, Guangxou, all famous horses that need no words about their attributes.

Currently composed of 20 mares, the stud farm’s main stallion is “Perito” who in 1999 was the champion of the Lusitano breed and in 2004 was the National Stallion Champion.

João Lynce’s goal is that his stud farm is focused on Portuguese Equitation, Working Equitation, Bullfighting, High School and Dressage, the goal being to produce high quality animals that combine elegance and functionality.

The results have been positive and the stud farm has been selling animals all over the continents with increasing regularity.

Horses for Sale

Find here the horse of your dreams.

Organizado JPL

3 y.o. stallion, very easy and sweet. It will be good for Working Equitation or riding pleasure. It currently has 1.60m weight.

Orgulho JPL

3 y.o. stallion, very easy and sweet. It will be good for Dressage. It currently has 1.66m weight.

Organizador JPL

3 y.o. stallion, very easy and sweet. It will be good for Dressage, Working Equitation and riding pleasure It currently has 1.61m weight.

Nápoles JPL

4 y.o. mare, very easy and sweet. It will be good for Dressage, Carriage, Working Equitation or riding pleasure. It currently has 1.61m weight.